Foot reflexology is the classic interpretation of the science of reflexes. It is a blissfully relaxing therapy which is used for many conditions, both physical and mental. 

Studies show that it reduces pain, improves symptoms, encourages natural balance and healing, and reduces cortisol levels. 

Sally takes her time with every treatment to ensure that every wellbeing concern of the client is addressed through the reflexes on the feet.

Facial reflexology is used in the same way as foot reflexology for healing, balance and improved wellbeing.

Sally uses the prestigious Bergman method for maximum effect and trained under Ziggie Bergman in London.

Facial reflexology is extremely relaxing and is perfect for decompressing, reducing stress, and inducing a beautiful sense of wellbeing. All facial reflexology treatments begin with an organic hot cleanse.


Available as a 60 minute full treatment or as an express 30 minute "mini treatment".

With all facial reflexology treatments clients can add an organic  exfoliation and face mask, toner, eye cream and moisturiser for a really luxurious treatment. This includes a hand massage or healing visualisation as the client prefers.

All skincare products used are organic and natural without harsh chemicals, parabens and mineral oils.

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