Age well. Look and feel your best with Zone Face Lift

Take up to 10 years off your face in 12 treatments

The treatment room

Zone Face Lift benefits

Take 10 years off your face in 12 weeks

A genuine and natural alternative to Botox and dermal fillers


Combines advanced facial reflexology with facial massage techniques, jade Gua Sha, acupressure rollers and rose quartz crystal spheres

Benefit from the healing of reflexology and a real reduction in the signs of facial ageing

Tightens, firms, sculpts the face. Collagen and elastin levels are stimulated

Lifts the spirits and improves wellbeing

Improvements can be seen from just the first treatment


What do Sally's Zone Face Lift clients think?

"The Zone Face Lift sessions have been one of the most therapeutic and transformational treatments I've ever had. My face feels more like a 20 year old's rather than a 50 year olds...silky soft and very taut...I would 100% recommend this treatment not only for cosmetic reasons but for health and balancing too. I am glowing inside and out and so many people have remarked on my youthful appearance lately."

Clare Percival

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